Safety management plans

The safety management plan for your faculty or division will:

  • support risk management
  • set realistic safety goals
  • determine WHS budget needs
  • provide a commitment to improving WHS performance
  • provide WHS legislative awareness and compliance


The Safety Management Plan Procedure clause (5) states:

“All persons in charge of workplaces are to ensure the production of an annual Safety Management Plan by the commencement of May each year.”

A new procedure is expected to be released in the next few months which changes this date to September.

An interim extension is granted for Safety Management Plans to be produced by September 2019.

Safety Management Plans allow leaders and their teams to define and communicate work health and safety (WHS) arrangements, and set and prioritise goals to improve WHS performance in accordance with the University’s safety planning requirements.

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More information

Safety Management Plan Procedure

This procedure outlines the purpose of safety management plan and what information they should include.

Safety management plan template

Use this template to create your safety management plan.