Workplace inspections

Workplace inspections allow you to identify hazards and make sure you're complying with your WHS obligations. Workplace inspections are completed twice yearly to ensure all potential hazards are identified and controls put in place to manage the risk.

Workplace inspections

If you identify any hazards, you will need to do a risk assessment. See Risk Management for more information.

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Workplace Inspection and Reports Procedure

This procedure describes all employees' obligations to perform and report on regular work health and safety (WHS) inspections.

Workplace inspection training slides

This PowerPoint presentation contains important information about workplace inspections and how to conduct one.

Workplace inspection guidance notes

Use these notes to guide you through performing a workplace inspection.

Basic (generic) Workplace Inspection Checklist

Use this checklist to carry out a basic workplace inspection.

Workplace Inspection Action Sheet

If you identify hazards during your workplace inspection, use this form to document the appropriate actions

Risk Score Matrix

Use the Risk Score Matrix to assess the severity and likelihood of risks.

Faculty of Science and Health workplace inspections

Visit the Faculty of Science and Health Technical Services page for workplace inspections tools and forms. Please note: you'll need a staff login to access this page.