Safety training

All staff must complete relevant online safety training and local job-specific training to make sure they stay safe at work.

WHS induction

Online safety training and local job specific training, will help you stay safe at work. You must complete the following training using our online learning system (ELMO):

You must complete this training within 4 weeks of commencing with CSU. You must complete refresher training every 2 years. You must score at least 80% in the assessments. If you score less than this, you can review and retake the assessment. Each new assessment uses different questions.

Learn more about ELMO.

Local training

Please discuss your local and task related training needs with your supervisor.

Safety videos

You can access safety training videos online. These videos cover common workplace hazards and risks. You can use these videos with local, job specific WHS training.

Videos are best viewed in Google Chrome or Firefox.

More information

WHS Induction and Training Procedure

WHS Induction and Training ELMO Module - Please click on the learning link in the top menu and look in the course catalogue tab.