Successful change

Change management is the application of a structured process and set of tools to lead the people side of change to achieve results. Our focus is to successfully support our people through their change journeys.

Why do we manage change?

Successful change is a key component of building our internal capability. By applying change management, we will drive better outcomes for our people and our University. Increasing our change capability positions us to adapt and thrive in a continually changing environment. Projects and initiatives that follow a structured change process are more likely to meet or exceed their objectives. Applying good change practice will help us to:

  • Drive more successful change
  • Handle the amount of change occurring
  • Address the costs of poorly managed change
  • Align our practice with our values
  • Prepare for the future
  • Create consistencies and efficiencies in our approach
  • Build and enhance needed internal capabilities

How do we manage change?

We apply our change framework to build a stronger University. It is our structure for change that supports better student and staff experiences, and integrates sponsorship and leadership, project management and change management to deliver better outcomes. We apply it across strategic, technical and operational projects and initiatives.

We are developing common ways of working and common language of how we manage change.

We all play a role in successful change, and by applying our framework you are building change capability through practical application.

Change Process Tools

A map of our Change Process with step by step tools and resources to make your change more successful.

Your role in successful change

We all play an essential role for successful change


A model to support individuals through change with a structured approach

Leading Change

Leaders play a crucial role in sponsoring and leading change.

Developing Change Capability

Ways to develop your capability

Additional Resources

Additional recommended and helpful resources that align to our framework.

Support for managing change

The Change Team provide support directly into strategic projects, and focus on building change capability at an individual and organisational level.