Health, safety and wellbeing

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work and study environment for:

  • Staff
  • Students
  • Visitors
  • Volunteers.

We provide safety, health, injury management and wellbeing support and assistance.

We have developed a work health and safety management system to help our community work and study safely. The system includes information and resources on:

  • Roles and responsibilities of managers and staff
  • Policy and procedures
  • Risk management methods to identify, asses and control hazards
  • Incident and hazard management including first aid and workers compensation
  • Safety training
  • Consultation in the workplace

The wellbeing of our staff and students is at the core of our beliefs. We provide access to physical, psychological and financial wellbeing programs and resources including:

  • Work-life balance assistance including flexible working hours and parental leave
  • Employee assistance program including managers' helpline
  • Fitness Passport and access to on-campus gym's
  • Flu vaccination program
  • Salary packaging and salary sacrifice opportunities

Our WHS Unit:

  • Rod Esdaile, Manager, Health, Safety and Wellbeing
  • Stephen Ween, WHS Systems & Compliance Officer
  • Peta Evans, Work Health and Safety Adviser (Northern Campuses)
  • Maureen Nunn, Work Health and Safety Adviser (Southern Campuses)

All members of the WHS Unit can be contacted through the WHS Unit email