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The Admissions suite contains a set of reports and dashboards that provide both near-real time information about the state of the current admissions cycle as well as historical trends over previous admissions cycles.

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SPI Headlines

20 December 2018
Admissions Data During Christmas Shutdown period

SPI Admissions Data will be updated daily during the shutdown period but in the case of a temporary data warehouse failure, data from the previous successful run may be loaded. Where available, use the T-Minus day to verify that the data is current.

4 December 2018
UAC White Label Reporting

SPI has commenced a process of integrating data from the UACWL system and modifying some of our reports to present this information. The work is being undertaken in two parts:

  • Providing an interim solution to handle the new UACWL data, including modifying our current reporting products to usefully incorporate this data and noting where data is impacted.  There are limitations to the reporting available through this interim solution.
  • Developing a longer term solution that will extend the reporting capabilities to include snapshots at a point in time in the admissions cycle.

A prototype for one of the interim reporting products (a modified Admissions Analysis Tool) has now been completed and SPI is seeking feedback from the user community on the reporting options we have developed. The prototype of the Admissions Analysis Tool with UAC Centralised and White Label Preferences is available now on this page. For training on this tool in December see SPI-News.

27 September 2018
Prior Deferrals - from 201930

Prior deferrals are being processed for Session 201930 and will appear in the admissions data under the Direct Channel >> Prior Deferrals.

28 August 2018
White Label - from 201930

For Session 201930, the University is trialling a process by which the NSW University Admission Centre (UAC) will be receiving and processing applications on behalf of CSU for select courses. This is the UAC White Label Project. The courses involved in this trial are on campus undergraduate offerings and Graduate Teacher Education offerings that would have previously accepted direct applications. Offers made to White Label applications will appear under a new channel (UAC Portal) – a sub-channel of the Direct channel. Applications for these offerings will not appear in the Admissions data unless an offer is made. Due to this trial, caution should be used when comparing the figures across the years and 2018 – 2019 should be considered a break in time series. For more information visit UAC White Label FAQs.

28 August 2018
Course Transfers - from 201930

Following a change in responsibilities and to satisfy requirements of the Transparency in Higher Education Admissions Reforms, from 201930 Course Transfer numbers will be included in Admissions and Course totals.