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Graduate Outcome Survey

The Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) is a national survey completed by graduates of Australian higher education institutions approximately four months after completion of their course and has been designed to provide reliable, valid and generalisable information on graduate outcomes and course experience to the Australian Government and to higher education providers.

Historically, the GOS was administered as the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) and included the Graduate Destinations Survey (GDS), Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) and Postgraduate by Research Questionnaire (PREQ). From 2016 the AGS is superseded by the GOS.

The GOS includes key modules such as Labour Force Indicators (previously GDS), CEQ and PREQ, as well as the new Graduate Attributes Scale (GAS) and Scale of Perceived Over-qualification (SPOQ). The survey is administered externally by the Social Research Centre (SRC) as part of the Department of Education's Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) suite of surveys. It is conducted over two collection cycles (November and May), with January to June completers surveyed in November of the same year, and July to December completers surveyed in May of the following year.  Reporting is aggregated over the two surveys and completed after the May cycle.

The dashboards and pivot tables produced by CSU provide data from both the AGS (2014 and 2015) and the GOS (2016), however due to methodological differences between the AGS and GOS, caution should be used when comparing the figures across years and 2015 - 2016 should be considered a break in time series. For information on changes from AGS to GOS, refer to slides 8-14 of GOS - GOS-L 2016 Overview.