The Engagement team is focused on making students’ experience at CSU the best it can be! We provide opportunities for students to immerse themselves in university life, starting from Orientation and continuing to engage students throughout their courses. This can include engagement with clubs and sport, student events, or getting involved as a student leader or in a student representative role.

James Brann – Director, Engagement

James Brann

Contact details

Phone: 02 6338 4601
Email: jbrann@csu.edu.au
Location: Bathurst
Building & Room: 1410

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Communications Engagement

The Communications Engagement team coordinates the development, maintenance, support and evaluation of engagement strategies for both CSU staff and students. This includes online and offline modes of communication and the day-to-day coordination of the CSUSocial Facebook Group. The team liaises closely with relevant areas within the Division of Student Services, Divisions and Faculties to ensure communication activities are consistent with CSU’s strategic priorities and enhance student participation and engagement.

Key contact

Hannah Guilfoyle

Hannah Guilfoyle
Communications Engagement Leader

Phone: 02 6338 6354
Email: hguilfoyle@csu.edu.au
Location: Bathurst
Building & Room: 1410/113

International and Appeals

The International and Appeals team aims to assist international students make a smooth transition to studying in Australia. This includes activities and strategies to help international students participate fully in University life, as well as celebrating the cultural diversity of students at CSU. In academic appeals, Student Liaison Officers provide a resource to assist students in negotiating appeals with Faculty and understand the requirements to successfully progress through their studies.

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Key contact

Chris Roche

Chris Roche
Team Leader

Phone: 02 6933 2785
Email: croche@csu.edu.au
Location: Wagga Wagga
Building & Room: 18 / 336

Student Engagement

The Student Engagement Team assist students with the development of professional practice through participation in sports, clubs, student representation, events and support for elite athletes. Student Liaison Officers (Engagement) work with students to ensure strong connections to their peers and their university community. The Engagement Team can work with Faculty to implement industry aligned student clubs, ensure adequate student representation on Faculty boards and assist with the enrolment of Elite Athletes.

Uni Life - Student portal page

Key contact

Nik Granger

Nik Granger
Manager, Student Engagement

Phone: 02 6365 7680
Email: ngranger@csu.edu.au
Location: Orange
Building & Room: 1001 / A.24

Student Mentoring

CSU’s Student Mentoring Program is available to assist students navigate many of the transition points they face. New students (mentees) can request a CSU student mentor, who acts as a point of call during their first year – sharing their experiences and helping with the transition to university. The Student Mentoring Program works with faculty to embed course-specific social media mentoring groups to assist with greater peer-to-peer interaction.

Mentoring - Student portal page

Key contact


Kelly Wade-Johnson
Student Liaison Officer (Mentoring)

Phone: (02) 6365 6227
Email: mentoring@csu.edu.au
Location: Orange
Building & Room: 1001


The Orientation Lead is responsible for the development, dissemination, coordination and evaluation of the University's’ Orientation guidelines. The Orientation Lead, in collaboration with CSU stakeholders, coordinates a consistent approach to orientation at CSU. The Orientation Lead is also responsible for establishing improvements in orientation communication channels, and the provision of advice and input that supports the achievement of key strategic outcomes related to learning online.

Orientation - Student portal page

Key contact

Caroline Bucknell

Caroline Bucknell
Orientation Lead

Phone: 02 6365 7277
Email: cbucknell@csu.edu.au
Location: Orange
Building & Room:


The main goal of the Outreach team is to remove the isolating experiences of online study and make it a successful experience. Our Student Outreach Team personally welcomes all commencing students and provides assistance when they begin to show signs of disengagement. The CSU Outreach Team travels to selected areas around Australia and holds Outreach sessions. The team works with Faculty to identify online students’ signs of disengagement, tailor Faculty-specific welcoming campaigns and create course-specific outreach events for students in Sydney.

Outreach - Student portal page

Key contact

Peter Greening

Peter Greening
Manager, CSU Outreach

Phone: 02 6338 4302
Email: pgreening@csu.edu.au
Location: Bathurst
Building & Room: 1410 / Ground Floor

Access and Wellbeing

Our Inclusion and Counselling Team helps students overcome barriers to succeed in their studies. The team offers events, workshops and confidential individual appointments that assist with disability, equity or financial issues, as well as health information or counselling appointments for personal or University difficulties. We can work with staff across the University to provide resources and advice to help students participate more fully in the CSU experience.

Health and wellbeing - Student portal page

Key contact

Jonathan Wilby
Manager, Inclusion and Counselling

Phone: (02) 6365 7589
Email: jwilby@csu.edu.au
Location: Orange
Building & Room: 1001 /A.16