Staff Contacts

We are available to answer any questions you may have about our services, and to collaborate on projects and initiatives. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Office of the Executive Director

Jacqueline Clements Executive Director, Student Services
Amanda Cautela Executive Assistant 19354
Suellen Priest Senior Evaluation Officer  
Hannah Guilfoyle Project Officer 86354
Kate Giles Executive Project Officer 19834
Kristy Saarenpaa Coordinator, Program Evaluation and Reporting 32187
Lyndelle Kelly SSAF Administration Assistant 34856

Indigenous Success

Heather McGregor  Director, Indigenous Success
Cheryl Boulton Admin Assistant, Indigenous Success 19339
ISC email
Blake Dunn Manager, Indigenous Student Centres 34372
Carlie Gemmell Student Liaison Officer (Indigenous) 34441
Julie Bennett Student Liaison Officer (Indigenous) 84523
Kristie Daley Student Liaison Officer (Indigenous) 29362
Natalie Picker Student Liaison Officer (Indigenous) 42543
Robert Salt Student Liaison Officer (Indigenous) 57326
Tyrell Ingram Student Liaison Officer (Indigenous) 19745
Rosie Powell Student Liaison Officer (Online) 34155
Vacant Student Liaison Officer (Indigenous)
AFB/IAP email
Lesley Lyons Programs Officer (Indigenous) 34020
Tenayah Kelly Programs Officer (Indigenous) 34155

Participation and Pathways

Tina Osman  Associate Director, Participation and Pathways
Ben Morris
Operations Manager, Future Moves 84972
Tommy Griffiths Program Coordinator 86675
Vacant  School Outreach Officer 86229
Matthew Harrigan Program Coordinator 34123
Jordan Stewart School Outreach Officer 34123
Nathan Peckham Indigenous Liaison Coordinator 34014
Tanya Brown Program Coordinator 29302
Rachel Jackett School Outreach officer 29303
Sandra Fisher Program Coordinator, Pathways 29416
Jerome Prax Program Support 34955
David Ward Study Link Program Coordinator 57118
Nicholas Gorrell Study Link Program Support Officer 57766
Ilena YoungCentre Manager39061
Lucy BettSchool Outreach Coordinator39062

Student Communication

James Brann Director, Student Communications
Emma Thurgood Administration Assistant 84306
Laura Cohalan Coordinator, Student Communications (M, W, TH) 34595
Edith Redenbach Coordinator, Student Communications (T, F)  
Edith Redenbach Student Communication Officer 86237
Lyndi Adams Student Communication Officer 57891
Vacant Student Communication Officer  
Vacant Student Communication Officer
Holly Otutaha Senior Manager, Student Central 86274 
Michael ButtsworthAssistant Manager, Student Calling Team 86189
Cecelia Steele Assistant Manager, Student Central (South) 19164
Tracey Connell Assistant Manager, Student Central (North) 57388
Jean Robertson Senior Service Officer 34886
Katrina Kleinschafer Senior Service Officer 86577
Narelle White Senior Service Officer 57344
Simone Beer Senior Service Officer 32168
Tiffany Harris Senior Service Officer 86556
Kersten Meschnik Student Service Assistant 19166
Afsanah Namdar Student Service Assistant  
Alysha Wagstaff Student Service Assistant  
Amy Martin Student Service Assistant  
Brendon Young Student Service Assistant  
Cathy Weekes Student Service Assistant  
Deanne Tilden Student Service Assistant  
Deborah Benbow Student Service Assistant  
Jacinta Horton Student Service Assistant  
Janice Whittingham Student Service Assistant  
Kylee Powell-Vatalidis Student Service Assistant  
Merril Proctor Student Service Assistant  
Megan Page Student Service Assistant  
Mia Drinkwater Student Service Assistant  
Michelle Densley Student Service Assistant  
Rosemary Coombes Student Service Assistant  
Elizabeth Barton Office Assistant  
Kaain Houston Office Assistant – Trainee  
Mary-Kate O’Regan Office Assistant

Student Skills

Kirsty Smith  Associate Director
Debbie Wheeler
Manager, Academic Skills
Academic Skills Coordinator, BJBS
(07) 5529 4140
Karen Davidson Academic Skills Coordinator, Science 32198
Philip Edwardes Learning Advisor, English Language 19749
David O’Sullivan Learning Advisor, Literacy and Learning  19972
Bernice Kelly Systems Coordinator 84663
Julie Sack Academic Skills Coordinator, Arts & Education 84159
David Kasakeijan-Ross Learning Advisor, Literacy and Learning  57812
Jennifer Harvey Learning Advisor, English Language  34821
Noel Witney Learning Advisor, Numeracy 84035
Chris Hinton Academic Skills Coordinator, Policing 42560
Angela Gaskin Learning Advisor, Literacy and Learning  42544
Joyce Voerman Learning Advisor, English Language  84279
Kerry SilversonActing Manager, Career Development  
Paul Worsfold Careers Coordinator 34191
Erin Hollier Program Coordinator 86262
Georgina Stuart Program Coordinator 86236
Karen Macdonald Careers Assistant 84459
Shaarn Hayward Team Leader, IASP 86391
Janice Smith IASP Tutorial Coordinator 29310
Jodie Bellenger Admin Assistant 29373
NEW Learning Advisor OA  
VACANT Learning Advisor BX  
Lloyd Dolan Learning Advisor WW 32111
Brenda Holmes Learning Advisor AW 19347
Jennifer Glover Learning Advisor PMQ 29389
Tara Johnson Online Study Coordinator 19181
Catherine Lockley Online Study Advisor84235
Diane Middleton Online Study Advisor 32736
Erika Cross Acting Online Study Coordinator 19938
Kerry Silverson Coordinator Student Leadership Program 84257
Cathy Smith Student Liaison Officer (Mentoring) 57383

Uni Life

David Griffin Director, Uni Life
Allira Myers Administration Officer 32140
Brett Russell Manager Food & Beverage Services 84712
Joleen Wright Coordinator, Northern Zone 84664
Melissa Cope Team Leader – Northern Operations 84343
Leesa Lepaio Team Leader – Northern Operations 84823
Teena Beale Admin Assistant 84105
Roslyn Larnarch Admin Assistant 86999
Janet Storey Services Supervisor 84343
Toby Perry Coordinator Southern Operations 34448
Anthony White Team Leader – Southern Operations 34994
Michael Bailey Assistant Catering Manager 34075
Tom Hogan Team Leader – Southern Operations 19169
Katie McMullen Admin Assistant 34910
Narelle Sanders Admin Assistant 32039
Gail Hadfield Team Leader – Retail 86978
Andrew Kocaj Services Assistant – Retail 34980
Adam Ward Services Supervisor – Retail 32045
Rachael Mize Services Assistant – Retail 86986
Kathryn Shepheard Services Assistant – Retail 86986
Email Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo Events
Email Wagga Wagga Events
Siobhan Hillam Manager Student Events 34987
Breannah Jeffries Student Liaison Officer 32041
Alex Cary Student Liaison Officer  
Emma TurcatoStudent Liaison Officer84765
Tisi Tukuniu Senior Events Support Officer 19180
Shiralee Hillam Events Support Officer 34974
James Kelly Manager Residence Life, Northern Zone 86960
Terri-Lee Duffy Res Life Coordinator (Orange) 57870
Suzanne Wotton Admin Assistant – Res Life 57272
Justine Booth Res Life Coordinator (Bathurst) 86985
Illana Jones Admin / Systems Officer 86984
Helen Soulios Admin Assistant 86983
Raelene Graham Res Life Coordinator / Finance Officer 57303
Meredith Gibson Res Life Coordinator (Port Macquarie) 29430
Nicole Granger Admin Assistant – Res Life 29429
Travis Cohalan Manager Residence Life, Southern Zone 34983
Kath McLennan Res Life Coordinator (Wagga Wagga)
Kurt Neville Res Life Coordinator (Albury-Wodonga) 19811
Malina-Anne Kendall Admin Assistant – Res Life 34987
Narelle IngoldAdmin Assistant - Res Life 
Emily Boyle Admin Assistant 19415
Nik Granger Manager Student Support and Representation 57680
Chris Roche Compliance Coordinator 32785
Jacquie Blomfield Student Liaison Officer (International) 32112
Morgan Harrigan Student Liaison Officer 32031
Gemma Carey Sports & Clubs officer 34466
Lee Mottee Sports & Aquatic Complex 32276
Scott Hatch Student Liaison Officer 84812
Dee Carroll Student Liaison Officer 42934
Ruby Simmons Student Liaison Officer 29412
Catherine Smith Student Liaison Officer 57383
Mathew Hilder Student Liaison Officer (International) 57658
Stephen Howell General Assistant (Sporting Facilities) 84490
Clara Koch Student Liaison Officer (International) 29358
Kerry Read Student Liaison Officer 19435
Kate Staniforth Student Liaison Officer 57838
Tracey Kerr Student Liaison Officer (International) 84896
Lee Elliott Student Liaison Officer (International) 19130