Most students at CSU pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF), which can be used to fund services, support and facilities specifically for students. Each year, students and staff have the chance to submit their ideas and proposals for SSAF funding. Students also complete a survey each year to provide their feedback.

SSAF enhances student life

We aim to develop SSAF projects and initiatives that benefit as many students as possible. We’re committed to seeing SSAF funds used to enhance students’ experience at CSU.

CSU has spent SSAF funds on careers and academic advice services, developing study skills, counselling and welfare services, redesigning our Student Portal, return postage to online students for library books, financial support, sports and food services, and much more.

SSAF decisions

A SSAF Steering Committee decides how to spend SSAF funds. The committee includes student representatives and executive staff from Faculties and Divisions. It reviews proposals and spending in line with government legislation, student need and preferences, and University strategy.

2018 SSAF key dates

April round - Student Initiatives: 2 April to 28 May 2018
Student Survey: 9 July to 30 July 2018
September round - Student and Staff submissions: 17 September to 12 November 2018

2018 SSAF Staff Submission Round

All staff had the chance to share ideas for 2019 SSAF spending in the 2018 SSAF Staff Submission Round. The Round closed on Monday 12 November.

Proposers will hear the outcome of their funding submissions by early January 2019.

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