Prep for Teaching Maths 3 - Statistics and Probability

Complete your preparation for learning how to teach maths!

Following on from Prep for Teaching Maths 1 and 2, this third subject in the Prep for Teaching Maths subject series will cover the areas of statistics and probability.

You’ll get the opportunity to practise the numeracy skills required by the teaching profession, so that when you start your teaching course you already have a comprehensive understanding of key terminology and techniques. And, crucially, you’ll be able to help students in the classroom get to grips with them as well.

Topics covered in this subject include:

  • Calculating relative frequencies to determine probabilities of events
  • finding the upper and lower quartiles of a set of data
  • interpretation of column charts, bar charts, histograms and line plots of data
  • interpretation of mean, median and mode of data
  • using box-and-whiskers plots and back-to-back stem-and-leaf plots to compare sets of data
  • using the range and standard deviation to discuss the usefulness of the mean, median or mode as a representation of a set of data
  • using Venn diagrams, tables or tree diagrams to calculate the probabilities of compound events.
Subject availability
Session CRN Subject code Subject name Mode Campus/Location Term begins Application closing date Term ends
202315 391 SSS070 Prep for Teaching Maths 3 Distance Orange 31/10/2022 27/01/2023 28/04/2023
202345 273 SSS070 Prep for Teaching Maths 3 Internal Orange 13/02/2023 2/06/2023 11/08/2023
202375 413 SSS070 Prep for Teaching Maths 3 Distance Orange 19/06/2023 15/09/2023 15/12/2023

Please note: You can start any time to suit you between Term start date and the close of applications.

Study material: 26 hours

Subject Coordinator: Greg Carroll

Greg Carroll

This subject will be useful if you're studying:

The 3 subjects in this Prep for Teaching series i.e. SSS068, SSS069 and SSS070 will provide useful practice for Teacher Education students who need to pass the LANTITE – Numeracy professional pre-employment test.