Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Strategy & Structure

Planning Framework

Performance against institutional objectives and the management of corporate level risks are monitored by University Council in accordance with standard governance requirements. Similarly, accountability for performance and risk management within the institution is established through standard reporting lines and the Performance Management processes.

University Strategy 2015 - 2016

The University Strategy 2015 – 2016 includes eight Sub Plans that set the priorities of the University over the next 2 years while detailing the processes and procedures required to enable the priorities to be executed.

University Structure

Charles Sturt University was established on 2 June 1989 by the NSW Parliament as a not-for-profit statutory corporation under the Charles Sturt University Act 1989.

The University is a charitable corporation under the Income Tax and Assessment Act 1997 of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The organisational structure of the University, including roles, responsibilities and processes, are documented on yourCSU - a web site designed to introduce users to the who, what, where, why and how of the University. yourCSU is a rich information source and is updated on a regular basis to provide a current reference source on Charles Sturt University.

Access the website:

Vice-Chancellor and President

The Vice-Chancellor and President is the chief executive officer of the University and is accountable to the University Council for the day to day management of the University.Click here to read more about the Vice-Chancellor and President.

Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team

The Vice-Chancellor is assisted in the day to day management of the University by the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team comprised of:

Academic Management

The University's three faculties comprise several schools and centres. Faculties operate across campuses and are responsible for developing and delivering courses, while schools are generally based on a single campus and carry responsibility for teaching subjects. 

The Faculty Deans are:

Research Management

CSU has four University Research Centres, each led by a Centre Director, which represent strategic focus on research and are designed to synergistically bring together staff around a coherent research theme that has broad influence and engagement across the University. In some cases Centres have been formed where there has been a desire to formalise collaborations with external parties.

The research conducted within the Centres is strongly complemented by research conducted with the Faculties of the University. University Research Centres receive additional direct investment, enabling leverage of CSU resources to attract external funding to promote achievement. They are expected to be connected outwards as they engage in identifying, pursuing and sharing intellectual leadership of large collaborative opportunities in research with quality domestic and international partners

Administrative Management

The administrative and academic support services of the University are provided by the Divisions within the DVC (Administration) portfolio, the Division of Finance led by the Chief Financial Officer portfolio and the Division of Human Resources led by the Executive Director Human Resources.

Campus Relations

Five of the University's campuses have a Head of Campus who, as a member of the executive, has University-wide accountabilities as well as being responsible for representing and promoting the University within the region in which the campus is located. As a unified institution, campus management is distributed among the academic and administrative units of the University.  For more information on each of the Heads of Campus please click on the relevant campus location below: