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Records Management

Welcome to CSU's records management website.  This site has been designed to provide staff with information in relation to records management procedures at Charles Sturt University.

HPE Records Manager

Charles Sturt University uses a records management software system known as HPE Records Manager to support its corporate record keeping needs.

HPE Records Manager will allow you to:

  • Search more effectively for a particular document in that HPE Records Manager allows you to search across titles and record numbers of files and individual documents, and
  • View documents which may not be physically located where you are.

The object of HPE Records Manager is to provide a common, shared source of information which is accessible, within security restrictions, to everyone who needs it, for as long as it is needed.

If you have any questions please contact the Records Officer at

Do you need access to HPE Records Manager? Click this link to complete an online request form.

HPE Records Manager Statistics

As of 1st August 2018 there are over 1,000,000 records in HPE RM.  The graph below compares the growth of documents in HPE Records Manager for each month of 2010-2018.

Why are records important?

A record tells what, where and when something was done or why a decision was made. They also tell us who was involved and under what authority. In other words, records provide evidence of government and individual activity.


  • Help you to do your work more efficiently
  • Enable you to meet legal obligations applicable to your work
  • Protect the interests of Charles Sturt University
  • Protect your rights as an employee and as a citizen.

Who is responsible?

Making and keeping records at Charles Sturt University depends on the co-operation of everyone. Whilst the Vice-Chancellor and the University Records Manager are responsible for meeting the requirements of the State Records Act 1998 and standards issued under the Act, effective organisational recordkeeping ultimately depends on you.

What are your responsibilities?

  1. Create records routinely as part of your work
  2. File records into official records systems
  3. Handle records with care
  4. Do not destroy records without authority
  5. Protect sensitive records from unauthorised access
  6. Find out about CSU's policies and procedures for managing records.

Creating and looking after records is one of your responsiblities as a CSU employee!