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Academic Policy

Academic Senate sets, approves and reviews the policy and rules for the academic administration of students relating to matters such as Admissions, Subject and Course Approval, Enrolment, Credit, Assessment, Academic Misconduct (including plagiarism), Academic Progress (including Exclusion), Appeals, Graduation and Higher Degrees.

These policies and rules are known as the Academic Policies.

In such matters, Academic Senate is regarded as definitive.

Academic Senate also establishes and reviews policy relating to standards and academic quality systems. Thus, processes involving subject and academic aspects of course approval are regulated by Academic Senate. Other aspects of course approval such as location of offering are handled via UCPC but the Presiding Officer, Academic Senate is a member of this Committee and, together with other members, ensures that location of offering of courses is consistent with approved academic policy (e.g. International Education Strategy which is approved by Senate).

The academic policies are published in the CSU Policy Library which is updated by the Academic Senate following each Academic Senate meeting.

Several of the Committees of Academic Senate have been delegated authority, by the Academic Senate, to consider matters relating to the academic policies and to recommend to Academic Senate any changes to current policies or any new policies that they believe are necessary.

Anyone who wishes to recommend any changes to existing academic policies or who has an enquiry about the academic policies should contact the Executive Officer, Academic Senate or Academic Secretary in the first instance.

To search for Academic Policies directly go to the search page, go to the "Document Relm" and select Academic then all Academic policies will be displayed.

The academic policies in the University Policy Library have been listed below under their individual headings as follows:

Other academic policy can be located in the University Policy Library under the following headings: