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Risk Culture is the collection of values, beliefs and behaviours of the people within the university that shape the decisions we make.  Those decisions are based on the best available information; that can only be created when the risk management processes are embedded throughout all levels of the university.

In order to create a true culture of managing risk, we should view risk management as an activity that creates a benefit for our work and for the organisation. 

To create the best chance of success, the university will ensure that everyone has the chance to participate in the management of risk through good communication and consultation and providing an Expert Centre for risk management  The Manager, Risk and Assurance is here to support you to develop your skills in managing risk.   This means that the 'risk conversation' will continue to grow and proliferate throughout the organisation.

The best risk culture is one in which we will identify and analyse the risks involved before we embark on a new venture.  This analysis will help inform us as to the validity of our understanding of the task at hand and whether or not it fits within our Risk Appetite.  We can then make an informed decision as to whether or not we will accept the level of risk and continue, modify the risk before continuing, or even possibly halting the activity as the risks are too high for the organisation to accept.