Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Implementation of ORM

As an organisation we will endeavor to;

  • provide leadership that encourages, supports and involves staff in the active management of risks and opportunities;
  • communicate and consult with staff so as to engage staff and to ensure that continual improvements  to the framework will occur;
  • Ensure that ORM is included in all planning activities;
  • Ensure that ORM takes account of regulatory/legislative, social, political, environmental and economic environments;
  • Provide appropriate training and resources to the University Council, Academic Senate, staff, committees, volunteers and students who work for the University to engage them, educate them and assign responsibility for managing risks and opportunities within their area of accountability that is commensurate with their position;
  • Provide an environment where we can learn from our mistakes;
  • Ensure that ORM will be implemented at the Whole of Organisation, Management and Operational levels of the organisation;
  • Ensure that accountability for ORM occurs through competencies outline in Position Descriptions and annual review;
  • Maintain a structure and consistent approach to risk management that includes communication and consultation with all relevant stakeholders;
  • Ensure that the organisation can appropriately manage risk (i.e. that we do not become inappropriately risk averse, nor do we take unacceptable risks);
  • Maintain a risk register that allows the separation of risks across all levels of the organisation;
  • Assign resources and responsibility for agreed actions, set completion dates and monitor/report progress to the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team (VCLT);
  • Monitor incidences of injury, damage, loss, missed opportunities and insurance claims, whilst ensuring adequate reporting, investigation and appropriate actions to prevent recurrences;
  • Ensure the appropriate committee's (and governance structure's) are in place to support risk management activities in both the academic and business areas of the university;
  • Review the ORM Framework at a minimum of every 12 months to allow for continuous improvement of our processes and knowledge.