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Flag Register

The Corporate Governance Unit in the Office of Governance and Corporate Affairs maintains a Register of Official Flags that may be hired and displayed at University functions by academic and administrative offices. 

Where an official delegation is visiting a campus (for example a Ministerial delegation from another country) the Head of Campus may approve the raising of the official flag of that country on the University flagpoles at the entrance to the campus or elsewhere as a mark of respect.

Flags may also been flown on internal flagpoles at dinners or functions attended by representatives of foreign countries or other States.

The University does not permit the flying of flags that are not officially recognised by a sovereign State or international body within the University.

The procedures for hiring and displaying flags on University flagpoles are set out in the University's Flags Policy

Hiring a flag

To hire a flag, please email stating the country, state or international organisation required and the date range.  There is no fee for hiring of flags, however, flags must be dry cleaned if they are spoiled or stained whilst on display.

Flags will be dispatched on the same day as the hire request is made, however, please allow at least one week for a flag to be delivered.

Flags in stock

Australian Australian flag
Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory state flag
Australian Aboriginal Aboriginal flag
Queensland State Flag Aust queensland state flag
New South Wales Aust NSW state flag
Torres Strait Island Torres Strait Island flag
Victoria State Flag Aust victoria state flag
Austria Austria flag
Cambodia Cambodia flag
Canada Canada flag
Chile Chile flag
China China flag

France flag

Germany Germany flag
Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong SAR flag
India India flag 
Indonesia Indonesia flag
Japan Japan flag
Korea South Korea flag
Malaysia Malaysia flag
Mauritius Mauritius flag
North Korea North Korea flag
Slovenian Slovenian flag
Singapore Singapore flag
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka flag
Switzerland Switzerland flag
United Kingdom Great Britain flag
United States of America United States flag
Vietnam Vietnam Flag
European Union Flag European Union Flag
United Nations Flag United Nations Flag
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