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Foundation partners

Orange City Council

Orange City Council is eager to work collaboratively with CSU to help address the engineering sector skills shortage in regional Australia. We feel that our local area is an ideal location to base an engineering faculty with strong and expanding local government, mining, civil works and secondary industry sectors.

We believe that in order to succeed in the industry, one must possess great communication skills, the ability to think logically and analytically with strong attention to detail, a creative mind and a team player attitude.

Industry experience is important as it prepares engineering students for work. It provides an opportunity to gain practical on-the-job skills and experience, helps you develop professional networks and can also fulfil one of the requirements of accreditation from Engineers Australia.

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Orange City Council

Bathurst Regional Council

Our partnership with CSU Engineering will help us address, in the longer term, the workforce shortage in our organisation, and many others in the region face, particularly in the field of engineering.

The partnership is a natural fit for councils as we are an employer of engineers as are many businesses both in the Central West and regional NSW.

Local government is a vital part of the community, delivering services and infrastructure to local residents. Bathurst Regional Council’s vision is to create a vibrant regional centre, strengthening economic opportunities which build a region full of community spirit and shared prosperity.

Our partnership with CSU Engineering will provide CSU engineering students an opportunity to complete practical on the job experience with council throughout their university studies.

Bathurst Regional Council is proud to be a foundation partner with CSU Engineering. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our two organisations, providing employment opportunities not only for CSU Engineering students, but helping build a pool of skilled engineers for regional NSW.

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Bathurst City Council


We are enthusiastically partnering with CSU Engineering as we see it as a huge step in the future of regional engineering. It provides great opportunity for the children of our community to study and work within the community.

The key characteristics needed for success are motivation, intelligence and drive to provide solutions to the issues created by the interaction of the built and natural environment, to strive to innovate and manage cost effective outcomes and to build a better community.

Students need industry experience so that they have a good level of competency when looking for their first full-time position. The chances of employment for a graduate who has spent holidays working are greatly increased in comparison to a graduate with minimal experience.

From an engineering consultancy viewpoint this course is one that needs to be treasured and nurtured as it is the first opportunity west of the mountains. We all have children forced to study in the bigger cities and every opportunity to be closer is fantastic. CSU is growing, gaining a reputation and fast starting to deliver the courses that matter.

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Barnson Pty Ltd

We are partnering with CSU Engineering in order to be able to work with the local undergraduate engineers for employment opportunities.

The key characteristics required to succeed in our industry include high quality staff, broad practical knowledge and a good theory base.

We believe that it is important for students to gain industry experience because whilst theory is important, being able to put theory into practice is also crucial.

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Barson Engineering

Blayney Shire Council

Blayney Shire Council is excited by the establishment and delivery of Engineering at CSU in Bathurst. Blayney is only 20 minutes from Bathurst and we have a long history of working collaboratively with CSU and other training providers in the region.

We are anticipating that with project works always on the go at Blayney Shire Council, we can provide a variety of engineering experiences, including building roads, footpaths, bridges or irrigation systems.

With local government being the cornerstone of a community, providing services and delivering infrastructure to local residents, Blayney Shire Council continues to seek and pursue opportunities that will strengthen its engineering skill base, and ultimately provide economic opportunities to the community.

Our partnership with CSU Engineering will provide CSU engineering students with an opportunity to complete practical, on-the-job experience with Council throughout their University studies.

Blayney Shire Council is proud to be part of the foundation of CSU Engineering, and we are excited by the relationship and opportunities it will provide our two organisations, our local community, and the skills it will provide the broader region.

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Blayney Shire Council

Calare Civil Pty Ltd

Calare Civil has been operating from Bathurst in the Central West of NSW for over 25 years. Our organisation specialises in Civil and Structural Engineering.

Our partnership with Charles Sturt University Engineering is very beneficial for us as it exposes us to high quality graduates in the engineering field.

In our industry, the key characteristics for success include technical expertise and a commitment to professional service for clients. One of the best pieces of advice I have received is to always be on time.

We believe that industry experience is crucial for students to gain an understanding of what is required to be in an office environment with the added demands of technical proficiency.

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Calare Civil