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Employee Exits

Separation of employment can occur in the following situations:

  • Resignation by employee
  • Retirement by employee
  • Termination by employer

Supervisors please use the documents below when an employee is exiting CSCS .....

In Summary the following can be used as a guide of steps to be taken when an employee is exiting;

  1. Notification of Exit completed by employee and accepted by relevant Area Manager and General Manager
  2. Separation documentation e.g. written resignation has been received and accepted by relevant Area Manager and General Manager
  3. Relevant documentation ( Notification of Exit and Separation Documents)  forwarded to (who will send to CSU HR service centre
  4. All CSCS/CSU property returned (check against records in CSCS HR Database and employee files for list of property issued
  5. All staff access (ID) and debit cards Purchase Card Cancellation / Return FormTravel Card Cancellation / Return Form) have been de-activated.
  6. Physical Personnel Folder to be moved to Archive Personnel Area
  7. HR Database has been updated with exit date, property returned, forwarding address and email.
  8. A meeting/exit interview has been completed with the employee to hand over the role and to provide feedback about improvement and change at the local workplace (eg: to assist future job design, workforce planning and recruitment actions)


  • coming soon
  • Send employee exit acceptance signed by Manager and an email link to  Exit Survey