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Employment Conditions & Policies

CSCS Enterprise Agreement 2019

CSCS operates under the Charles Sturt Campus Services Enterprise Agreement 2019 (CSCS EA)

An Enterprise Agreement sets out the terms and conditions of employment between an employee and employer.

Our Enterprise Agreement provides details on the following:

  • Salary and Related Arrangements
  • Consultation and Dispute Resolution
  • Employment Arrangements - Types of Employment, Probation, Classification of Positions
  • Hours of Work - Penalty Rates, Overtime Arrangements, Higher Duties Allowance
  • Separation of Employment Arrangements - Period of Notice, Abandonment of Employment, Voluntary Separation, Redundancy
  • Termination of Employment Due to Illness or Incapacity
  • Employee Development and Occupational Coaching
  • Leave Arrangements and Work Life Balance - Requests for Flexible Working Arrangements, Absence from Duty, Personal/Carer's Leave, Annual Leave, Long Service Leave, Parental Leave, Compassionate Leave, Community Service Leave, Public Holidays, Domestic Violence
  • Other Provisions - Individual Flexible Arrangements, Environmental Sustainability, Meal Allowance, Accommodation and Meals for Travel, First Aid Allowances, Equity, Job Security, Repayment of Monies

Where can I find the CSCS Enterprise Agreement?

Direct Link > Charles Sturt Campus Services Enterprise Agreement 2019

You can also access the CSCS EA from our website or the Fair Work Commission website at

CSCS Policies

For a complete listing of CSCS Policies, Procedures and guidelines please visit the Document Library

Document Name Document Number
Code of Conduct HR001
Colour Coding Cleaning Equipment Policy HR008
Communication Structure HR031
Dangerous Goods Policy CSCS079
Employee Domestic Violence (DV) Policy CSCS122
Disciplinary Procedures and Counseling HR037
Drug and Alcohol Policy  CSCS122
Environmental Sustainability Policy - Resource Efficiency and Waste CSCS126
Charles Sturt Campus Enterprise Agreement 2019 
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy HR026
Fairwork Information Statement External web
FairWork - Casual Employment Information Statement External Web
First Aid Policy WHS158
Generic Responsibilities HR09

Grievance Harassment and Bullying Policy  


Hazardous Substances Policy WHS101
Key and Access Card Responsibility Policy HR006
Leave Guidelines and Entitlements HR003

Maintenance Reporting Policy


Manual Handling Policy WHS105
Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy CSCS128
Noise Policy WHS106
Internet & Email Policy HR063
Occupational Coaching System Policy CSCS082
Official use of Charles Sturt Vehicles CSCS Policy HR012
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy HR073
Return to Work (RTW) Policy and Procedure


Small Vehicles Policy Kubota WHS079
Smoking in the Workplace Policy WHS051
Social Media Policy CSCS146
Stress and Fatigue Policy WHS115
Staff Recruitment and Selection  Policy CSCS086
Sub Contractor Management Policy WHS116
Training and Competency Policy WHS118
Uniform Policy & Procedure HR004
Vision and Mission Statement WHS006
Work Health & Safety Policy CSCS WHS005
Workplace Consultation Policy WHS083
WIWalk Policy WHS094