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Happiness doesn't come from what we get, but from what we give.

At Charles Sturt University, we believe the contributions we make to the lives of our students and communities are the most rewarding part of our work. And we know our communities are just as passionate about the future of rural and regional Australia as we are.
Through CSUgive, you can contribute to the programs that help our students reach their full potential or create a program of your own. Every gift matters, every contribution helps us build a better tomorrow.

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Why Give?

Through the generosity of our donors, CSU is able to improve the outcomes of its students and its communities – both in regional Australia and around the world.
But there is still so much more to do.
Through CSUgive, you can make higher education more accessible for regional students and help their communities to thrive. As rural and regional Australians, we all need healthy local economies, vibrant communities and access to professionals with experience at home and abroad. And for that, we need rural and regional students to have fair access to higher education. We’re all in this together.


Why Give Why Give


Ways to Give Why Give

Why Give?
First in family

More than half of our students are the first in their families to attend university. For many of them, scholarships make all the difference in being able to make ends meet. When rural and regional students gain the knowledge and skills they need to contribute to their own communities, we all benefit.

Public health benefits

Education has a significant impact on a person’s socioeconomic characteristics and, in turn, their health behaviours, which links to their individual, family and community health. By improving access to higher education we can help improve the health of our students, their families and our communities.

Regional Australia – it’s not just where we live...

CSU is a proudly regional university, connected to its communities and committed to helping individuals and businesses prosper through the development of new knowledge and skills. Through CSUgive, you can directly support a research project or community initiative that will have long-term benefits for rural and regional Australians.

Close ties with industry

We work with accrediting bodies, industry groups and large national and multi-national firms to assess their workforce needs and better prepare our graduates for the workforce. Many business leaders see the benefits of this approach to public education and directly support student scholarships – a fabulous investment in the future.

Ways to Give
Regular Giving

You have the power to make a lasting impact on CSU students through planned, regular giving. Simply choose the frequency of your donation, and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll be supporting our worthy programs far into the future, while also receiving tax benefits.

Scholarship Support

Through CSUgive, you can create your own scholarship or contribute to a range of CSU Foundation scholarships that support CSU students and recognise academic and community involvement.

Work Placement

Workplace learning and industry links are at the heart of our approach to learning. The experience and skills our students gain are reflected in the fact that CSU has one of the highest graduate employment rates in Australia. You can help CSU students build real-world skills by contributing to the cost of expenses related to practicum placements.


From the ski slopes to the stadium, CSU has a proven track record of producing talented elite athletes. All too often, though, we’re not able to financially assist our sportsmen and women compete at the top level due to lack of funds. Be part of their success story - direct your donation to support our sporting scholarships and competition grants.


As a regional university, we take pride in our hands-on, practical approach to solving problems unique to our communities. We lead the world in applied research into education, food and water security, resource economics and law enforcement. Through CSUgive, you can help ensure this important research continues.

Capital appeals

At CSU we’re constantly thinking of new ways to give our students better educational opportunities, including new courses and facilities - many of which directly benefit our regions. We can only achieve this with the invaluable support of our donors, which is why we are introducing a series of capital appeals. Contact us today to find out what we’ve got planned and how you can be involved, as we will begin our first appeal soon.


Making a bequest leaves a lasting legacy. A simple and secure way to make a bequest is to leave a residuary gift to CSU, and our staff can guide you through this process. Contact Kirstie Grady on (02) 6338 4834 or for more information. Alternatively, contact your preferred legal adviser for advice.

Host your own fundraiser

A build-your-own fundraiser means you can raise much needed funds in a way that suits you. Birthday coming up? Ask your family and friends to donate in lieu of gifts. Want to involve your workmates? Challenge colleagues to go without something they love (like coffee or social media!) and get sponsors. The sky’s the limit and our team is on hand to provide advice and support. Here are some resources to help.

Mary Davidson

“In my view, the most important thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. It gives you the ability to understand, question and create new ideas. A passion for learning is also an enduring thing that enables all kinds of people to improve things for themselves and for many others.
It is my greatest wish that I can help a refugee student who, for whatever reason, is not able to further their studies due to circumstances beyond their control. If I can do something to remove that barrier and beat that disadvantage on their behalf, I will feel very pleased with playing a small but important part in their life.”

Mary Davidson, donor of the Mary Davidson Refugee Prize

More information?

Please feel free to phone Justin on (02) 6338 4680 or email