Staff Giving

As a CSU staff member, you know first-hand that higher education enriches lives, expands horizons and provides new career opportunities.

Now there's a simple way you can help make education more accessible to all.

CSUgive is a workplace giving program designed to provide CSU staff with another very tangible way to directly change lives.



We are starting to make a Difference!

Since the program was rolled out in March 2015 year, staff have raised close over $100,000.
Awarded in October 2015 the first batch of staff funded CSU Give Scholarships were awarded:

CSUgive Student Scholarship:

CSUgive Research Scholarship:

CSUgive Work Placement Scholarship:

For Karen, this scholarship will allow her to secure a suitable home.

"Financially this scholarship is a Godsend," she explains. "I have recently had to relocate with my young son from NSW to Queensland to assist my mother. This move has proven very expensive and although we have managed to acquire a rental home, we are currently 'living like squatters', as we have been unable to afford to have our belongings transported from NSW. This scholarship will enable me to overcome this obstacle."

Jamshid's scholarship allows him to follow his dream of working in the health sector.

"When I came to Australia from Afghanistan in 2006 under a humanitarian visa, I faced numerous challenges in life. Being active in immigrant and refugee groups, I noticed that their health in general is compromised in so many ways. "Studies on refugees in Australia indicate poor oral hygiene which can be due to many factors such as accessibility, lack of knowledge, past history of trauma and violence and poverty. I hope to use my Oral Health degree to help these compromised groups of society.

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CSU staff dig in for students

Local CSU staff are digging into their own pockets to help students pay their way to a better education. A PhD research student has received Wagga's first fully staff funded scholarship.

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