Master of Veterinary Studies


Master of Veterinary Studies


The course includes the following awards:

Master of Veterinary Studies MVStud


Master of Veterinary Studies (4700VT)

On Campus - Wagga Wagga
Online - Wagga Wagga

Availability is subject to change, please verify prior to enrolment.

Normal Course Duration

Master of Veterinary Studies

Full-time 1.5 years (3.0 sessions)

Part-time 3.0 years (6.0 sessions)

Normal course duration is the effective period of time taken to complete a course when studied Full-time (Full-time Equivalent Duration). Students are advised to consult the Enrolment Pattern for the actual length of study. Not all courses are offered in Full-time mode.

Admission Criteria

CSU Admission Policy

For admission to the Master of Veterinary Studies, applicants would need to demonstrate that they:

* Have a veterinary science degree to enable registration by the Veterinary Practitioners Board of New South Wales.
Applicants with a first language other than English must satisfy Charles Sturt Universitys normal requirements for language competency.


CSU Credit Policy

 Not Applicable

Graduation Requirement

To graduate students must satisfactorily complete 96 points.

Course Structure

Candidates must successfully complete 96 points made up of the following subjects:

VSC612 Masters Research
VSC613 Veterinary Masters Dissertation
VSC614 Clinical Research Internship
VSC511 Veterinary Clinical Skills
[VSC507 Clinical related Disciplines Practicum AND VSC508 Clinical Practicum 1 AND VSC509 Clinical Practicum 2]

VSC501 can substitute for VSC509

Enrolment Pattern

Session 1
VSC612 Masters Research (16 points)
VSC614 Clinical Research Internship (16 points)

Session 2
Choice of 2 options:
Option 1:
VSC511 Veterinary Clinical Skills (32 points)
Option 2:
VSC507 Clinical related Disciplines Practicum (16 points)
VSC508 Clinical Practicum 1 (8 points)
VSC509 Clinical Practicum 2 (8 points)
VSC501 Herd and Flock Consultancy (8 points)

Session 3
VSC613 Veterinary Masters Dissertation (32 points)

Workplace Learning

Please note that the following subjects may contain a Workplace Learning component. Further details for Workplace Learning requirements are located via the subject page

VSC507 Clinical Related Disciplines Practicum
VSC508 Clinical Practicum 1
VSC509 Clinical Practicum 2
VSC511 Veterinary Clinical Skills
VSC612 Masters Research
VSC613 Veterinary Masters Dissertation
VSC614 Clinical Research Internship


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