ACT120 Introduction to Acting (8)

This subject introduces students to the relationship between acting, performance, experimentation and play. Students investigate what 'neutral mask' means for stage and screen performance through a lens of the 'natural environment' to build an individual creative palette. This subject encourages students to observe not only themselves - but to look to the world in which they live for inspiration and performance material. Students explore and apply the theoretical and practical concepts from Lecoq and Kuleshov to developing their acting imagination. Through applied acting practice students develop skills in focus and concentration, freeing their imagination, an introduction to gesture, the voice as a function of the body, sensory awareness and observation, spatial awareness and collaboration.

No offerings have been identified for this subject in 2021.

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Subject Information

Grading System



One session


School of Communication and Creative Industries

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be able to demonstrate a simple physical and vocal warmup;
  • be able to describe and apply the relationship of play to performance;
  • be able to undertake simple performance tasks with demonstrable observational skills in a range of solo and group improvisations and/or scenes;
  • be able to apply concepts of 'neutral mask' and perform with integrated physical and vocal agility; and
  • be able to demonstrate a capacity to work effectively and cooperatively in groups including taking direction.


This subject will cover the following topics:
  • Introduction to Acting - Warmups
  • Acting & Play - Play, freeing the imagination, focus, relaxation and concentration
  • Neutral mask - Introduction to gesture, physical and sensory awareness and observation, integrated movement and voice
  • Observation - Observation of animals, elements and people and awareness and use of space
  • Storytelling - Storytelling. improvisation and working together

Indicative Assessment

The following table summarises the assessment tasks for the online offering of ACT120 in Session 1 2020. Please note this is a guide only. Assessment tasks are regularly updated and can also differ to suit the mode of study (online or on campus).

Item Number
Value %
Group devised a & b
Scene work a & b
Journal and movement awareness

Special Resources

This subjects requires students to have access to specialist performance spaces.

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