DOH125 Foundations of Dental Clinical Practice 1 (12)

In this subject, students will be introduced to the health, legal and professional environment in which dentistry is practised. Novice level aspects of pre-clinical dentistry through theory, laboratory exercises and pre-clinical simulation will be introduced. This training will commence with concepts around work, health and safety and infection control according to the latest guidelines and legal requirements. Students are also introduced to the social and biomedical impacts on health and oral health. Simple concepts in caries pathophysiology and disease risk assessment will be introduced. Instruction in basic dental laboratory skills and techniques will also be an integral part of this unit along with pre-clinical simulation training, which will introduce students to the ongoing study and manipulation of dental materials and restorative cavity preparation techniques. Early knowledge in dental radiation science and radiographic technique will be provided. This novice level training will also assess manual dexterity and spatial sense.

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Subject Information

Grading System



One session


School of Dentistry and Health Sciences

Enrolment Restrictions

Restricted to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Dental Science

Subject Relationships

DOH124 Replaced

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be able to explain the fundamentals of dental ethics, Australian health care system and legislation, oral health care team, and the relationship between the dentist and society, the dentist and patients and the dentist and colleagues;
  • be able to describe current work, health and safety legislation and infection control guidelines related to the practice of dentistry and apply this knowledge in the simulation clinic;
  • be able to discuss the dynamic and emerging scope of dental practice in Australia and the cultural and societal influences on patient care, and social justice and access to dental care;
  • be able to discuss the physical, chemical and mechanical properties that are foundational to the selection and use of dental materials and equipment in the dental technology laboratory and pre-clinical simulation clinic;
  • be able to explain the application of forces, levers and other principles of physics relevant to dental practice;
  • be able to describe radiation sciences and radiographic techniques relevant to dentistry;
  • be able to describe dental caries and periodontal disease and their etiological and preventative factors;
  • be able to demonstrate skills in specified cavity preparations and their restorations and specific skills in dental laboratory including evidence of developing manual dexterity and spatial sense; and
  • be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of effective communication skills, clinical records keeping, clinical history taking and clinical data collections.


This subject will cover the following topics:
  • Introduction to professional-ethical commitment in dental practice;
  • Dental legislation and health care system in dental team;
  • Patient care & communication;
  • Dental preclinical skills, manual dexterity and spatial sense;
  • Introduction to dental materials and their mechanical and physical properties; and
  • Introduction to dental caries and periodontal health.

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