VSC511 Veterinary Clinical Skills (32)

This subject allows candidates to develop advanced clinical skills and knowledge in a selected discipline, develop cognitive and technical skills, abilities to synthesise and increase theoretical knowledge in professional practice and integration of research activity for investigation and development of new knowledge.


Session 1 (30)
On Campus
Wagga Wagga Campus
Wagga Wagga Campus
Session 2 (60)
On Campus
Wagga Wagga Campus
Wagga Wagga Campus
Session 3 (90)
On Campus
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Wagga Wagga Campus

Continuing students should consult the SAL for current offering details: VSC511. Where differences exist between the Handbook and the SAL, the SAL should be taken as containing the correct subject offering details.

Subject Information

Grading System



One session


School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Enrolment Restrictions

The subject is restricted to students enrolled in the Master of Veterinary Studies

Subject Relationships

VSC711 Advanced Veterinary Clinical Skills

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be able to demonstrate advanced and integrated understanding of a complex body of knowledge in the chosen discipline;
  • be able to demonstrate cognitive skills and technical skills to demonstrate advanced understanding of theoretical knowledge and research skills relevant to the selected discipline;
  • be able to demonstrate cognitive and technical skills to integrate theoretical knowledge in professional practice; and
  • be able to demonstrate communication skills relevant to professional practice.


This subject will cover the following topics:
  • The student will select the discipline/field in veterinary professional practice under the guidance of the supervisor
  • During the subject the students:
  • - undertake Workplace Learning in the selected discipline for the development of skills and knowledge and capacity for integration of research and professional activities
  • - keep a log of all clinical activities undertaken, reflecting development of cognitive and technical skills relevant to the selected discipline
  • - deliver a case presentation demonstrating integration of research findings into professional practice knowledge of relevance to the chosen field of learning
  • - contribute to workplace forums for case discussions, evaluation and integration of research findings into professional practice
  • - develop and demonstrate advanced technical skills development and capacity relevant to the student's chosen field of learning
  • - continue planning and/or data collection and/or analysis for the Masters research project commenced in VSC612 and VSC614

Workplace Learning

This subject contains a 40 days Compulsory Workplace Learning component.

The Workplace Learning (WPL) will be undertaken at a veterinary enterprise which is relevant to the selected discipline to allow advanced professional training and to meet the learning objectives of the subject. The duration of the WPL is variable and is negotiated between the candidate and the supervisory team. The maximum WPL duration is 40 days (280 hrs) (i.e. a maximum of the 50% of the allocated time for the 32 point subject [560-640hrs]: the subject workload hours aligns with the CSU Subject Outlines policy of 140-160 hrs/8 pts). The WPL is designed for students to develop advanced technical and cognitive skills applicable to the field of learning in professional practice, skills to undertake clinical research, interpersonal and communication and capacity to commence/continue data collection/analysis for their clinical research project.

The information contained in the CSU Handbook was accurate at the date of publication: May 2021. The University reserves the right to vary the information at any time without notice.