CUS205 Border Security (8)

This subject consolidates the students' understanding of a range of procedures and responses used by Customs to regulate trade and people flows across national borders and to consequently protect the community.  The contemporary environment and the challenges posed in protecting the community are introduced and the subject addresses customs enforcement/interdiction activities in respect of illicit drugs, other prohibited imports, people smuggling and counter-terrorism responses.


Session 1 (30)
Canberra Campus
Session 2 (60)
Canberra Campus

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Subject Information

Grading System



One session


Centre for Customs and Excise Studies

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the key tools, controls and responses available to Customs to detect illicit/harmful goods at the border;
  • be able to evaluate critically various operational approaches to the clearance of international consignments that may contain illicit drugs and to identify good practice;
  • be able to demonstrate an understanding of contemporary and emerging threats facing customs administrations;
  • be able to evaluate, analyse and prioritise potential risks to effective border management regulation and enforcement with respect to people and goods, and to identify a range of appropriate risk mitigation treatments; and
  • be able to formulate practical solutions to both regulate and facilitate trade and passenger processing flows in a disaster relief or pandemic environment.


This subject will cover the following topics:
  • Drug identification and interdiction
  • Organized crime and counter-terrorism responses at the border
  • Detector dogs and other examination technologies
  • Search and surveillance techniques, methods of concealment
  • People smuggling
  • Protecting the vulnerable at the border Intelligence
  • Investigations, Customs Offences and Sanctions

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