University Management

The Vice-Chancellor and senior executive are accountable to the University Council for the day to day management of the University, and help the University meet its mission and vision. Faculties and Schools manage academic programs, while offices and divisions manage the administrative functions of the institution.

University Council

The University Council is the governing board of the University. It ensures the proper stewardship and strategic direction of the University (see University Governance).

Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Team

The Vice-Chancellor is accountable to the University Council for the day to day management of the University.

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is the principal academic body of the University (see University Governance).

Faculties and Schools

The University’s academic activities (teaching, research and consultancy) are the province of the Faculties of the University. Each Faculty is headed by an Executive Dean who is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor through the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) for the management of the Faculty. The Faculties, which are multi-campus, comprise campus-based and cross-campus Schools and, in a few cases, campus-based academic units. Each School is managed by a Head of School who is responsible to the Executive Dean.

Faculties are responsible for the development and delivery of courses whereas Schools are responsible for the curriculum and the teaching of the subjects that comprise courses.

Each Faculty is governed by a Faculty Board chaired by the Executive Dean.

Committees of the Faculty Boards

The Faculty Boards establish a number of committees to perform specialist functions on behalf of the Board. These include: a Courses Committee which approves the documentation for new and revised course proposals; an Assessment Committee which approves the awarding of grades; Faculty Research and Graduate Studies Committees which monitor the Faculty´s research and consultancy endeavours and graduate programs; and a Standing Committee to handle urgent issues.

School Boards

Each School has a School Board, chaired by the Head of School, which is responsible for the quality of the teaching and assessment of the School´s subjects and the other academic activities of the School.

Course Directors

Course Directors have been appointed in Faculties with responsibility for the strategic leadership and academic management of a complex course or a group of courses. The course director is responsible for leadership of planning and curriculum development for the course(s); for course quality assurance and accreditation processes and application of CSU’s academic regulations and policies to the course(s); for marketing and industry liaison on behalf of the course(s); and for student advisory processes for the course(s).

Course Coordinators

A course coordinator is a member of the academic staff of the Faculty. The course coordinator is responsible for ensuring that students in a course meet all the requirements of the course required for graduation and abide by the regulations and other policies approved by the Academic Senate.