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Tom Carr

 Tom Carr

Tom Carr obtained a BA, majoring in Mathematics, from the University of Dayton in Ohio in 1975, and completed a Masters in Statistics in 1979 at the Colorado State University. He worked as the Supervisor, Statistical Services, for Best Foods/CPC International from 1979 till 1985, then as the Senior Research Statistician for G.D. Searle from 1985 to 1986. Mr. Carr moved to The NutraSweet Company, where he was employed as a manager for the Statistical Services, and then for the Technical Services divisions from 1986 to 1994. He was promoted to Director of the Contract Research Division of NSC Technologies (a division of NutraSweet Company) in 1994, before deciding to create his own consulting firm, Carr Consulting, in 1995. He has also been an Adjunct Professor at Charles Sturt University, working with PhD students and researchers from the NWGIC, since 2011.


Organization                               Title                                  Dates

ISO                                                Vice Chairman                   1/90 to Present

                                                      US Delegation

ASTM                                            Task Group Chair               1/90 to Present

                                                      Sub-Committee Chair 

Sensometric Society                    Treasurer                            8/06 to 8/10

Journal of Sensory Studies           Member, Editorial              1/91 to Present

                                                      Review Board 

Food Quality & Preference           Reviewer                           1/93 to Present

Siebel Institute of Technology       Lecturer                             3/89 to Present 

Sensory Spectrum, Inc.                Lecturer                            2/88 to Present

Center for Professional                 Lecturer                            7/86 to Present


Institute of Food Technologists     Member                             03/78 to Present

American Statistical Association  Member                             09/77 to Present

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Some recent publications

Blay, M.Y., Saliba, A., Hardie, J., Carr, T. and Heymann, H. (2012). "Wine shows can give exhibitors more than medals", Wine & Viticulture Journal, 27, 1, pp70-73.

Carr, B.T. (2011). "Refreshing the hedonic scale: satisfaction analysis", (Presented at the Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting, New Orleans, June 2011). 

Blackman, J., Saliba, A. and Carr, B.T. (2011). "Consumer preferences for Hunter Valley Semillon styles", poster at Pangborn Symposium 2011.

Blay, Saliba, Hardie, Moran, Heymann and Carr, B.T. (2011). "Is this a suitable test location?", poster at Pangborn Symposium 2011. 

Blay, Saliba, Hardie, Heymann and Carr, B.T. (2011). "Do we have the right assessor group?", poster at Pangborn Symposium 2011.

Saliba, A., Moran, C., Yoo, Y. and Carr, B.T. (2011). "Does drinking wine make you happier" A comparative study between Australians and Koreans", poster at Pangborn Symposium 2011. 

Carr, B.T. (2010). "Statistical Design of Experiments in the 21st Century and Implications for Consumer Product Testing" in Consumer-Driven Innovation in Food and Personal Care Products by Jaeger & MacFie, Woodhead Publishing Ltd. (2010).

 Blay, Saliba, Hardie, Heymann, and Carr. (2010). "Developing a method for consumer data collection at Australian wine shows", poster at Eurosense 2010.

Hottenstein, Taylor and Carr (2008). "Preference Segments: A Deeper Understanding of Consumer Acceptance or a Serving Order Effect?", Food Quality and Preference, 19: 711.

Meilgaard, Civille and Carr (2007). Sensory Evaluation Techniques, 4nd Ed. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.


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