Charles Sturt University COVID-19 Research Fund


In April this year, Charles Sturt University announced $200,000 to fund research grants that explore the impacts of COVID-19 on our community health, wellbeing, business performance and the economy.

These grants, generating new knowledge on the impact of the virus on people or communities and/or delivering solutions for post COVID-19 resilience and rebuilding, will allow researchers to play an active role in ensuring the long lasting effects of the virus are minimal and that the economy can recover.

An overwhelming 64 applications for research funding were received with 12 projects successful in the areas of mental health and stress impacts, metabolic and inflammatory health, policy assessment, suicidal ideation, racism, educational challenges, mobile and online security and national security.  There are still another 52 proposed studies into areas such as health and wellbeing, economic recovery, education, technology and security, that require funding.

To address this demand, Charles Sturt University Advancement has established a fund for philanthropic support of these research projects and is urging our alumni and communities to consider donating to get behind this potentially life-changing and community saving research.

We’re all in this together.  With your help, more great COVID-19 research projects can receive much-needed funding today.

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