Charles Sturt University Student Hardship Fund (COVID-19)

Many of our students support themselves during their studies with part-time and casual work—some doing as many as two or three different jobs to get by. However, these positions have greatly diminished as a result of the pandemic, especially in the hospitality sector. As a result, thousands of our students are now facing financial hardship and struggling to meet their basic living costs.

At Charles Sturt University, we're committed to doing all we can to help students in need. We want to ensure students who may be experiencing unexpected financial challenges due to this rapidly evolving situation, continue to progress with their studies. To help ensure this, the University has introduced a new needs-based Student Hardship Fund. The new Charles Sturt University Student Hardship Fund (COVID-19) aims to provide financial support to ease some of the financial burdens for students who, due to self-isolation or lost employment, are experiencing a significant loss of income or additional study expenses.

You can help support us in our mission by donating to the Charles Sturt University Student Hardship Fund (COVID-19).

Fund Goal $50,000

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