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The Office of Engagement and Enterprise (OEE) is responsible for coordinating official visit requests from representatives of international universities, research organisations, and government and industry bodies
To assist us with organising and managing your visit, we would like further information about the purpose of your visit.

Please complete this form at least 30 days prior to the date of your proposed visit, this will enable us to organise a schedule that will meet your needs.

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Could prospective visitors kindly appreciate that visits involving the Vice-Chancellor or other senior executive staff sometimes cannot be arranged due to availability. Requests for meetings with Senior Executive require no less than 8 weeks' notice.
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By clicking the Submit button below, the Office of Engagement and Enterprise will receive your request. In most cases, an official visit cannot proceed unless this form has been completed online at least 6 weeks before the date of the prospective visit. OEE will then liaise within the University to match visit requests with University‘s strategic plan and resources and advise the sender of the outcome of the request. If the visit is to proceed, OEE will liaise with the delegation to ensure appropriate letter of invitation is issued for visa application. Although all requests are considered carefully, the University reserves the right to decline requests and not all visits will be accepted.