Policy and processes

Policy and governance

The Web Strategy Committee (WSC), chaired by the Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Services Group, provides oversight and guidance of the Web Improvement Program (WIP).

The Web policy contains:

  • principles for how we develop CSU websites
  • publishing requirements
  • web responsibilities

Help and support

Log a DIT Service job for all web-related requests for assistance or information.

Your job will be assessed and classified as either

  • business as usual (BAU), or
  • a web development request requiring a business case.

BAU requests will be triaged to the most appropriate person within the Web Office who will then follow it up with you.

Web Development requests

Web development requests will be referred to  the Web Operations Manager will contact you to guide you through the Web Development Request Process.Through this process, significant web requests are assessed according to their strategic priority alongside an existing approved program of work.

How we assess your request

  1. Specialists within the Web Office will review your request to see if it can be delivered alongside endorsed work under the Web Improvement Program (WIP).
  2. The specialist will make recommendations to the Web Operations Manager about how to action your request.
  3. The Web Operations Manager can either approve your request or refer it to the Web Strategy Committee if it requires significant work.
  4. The Web Strategy Committee will assess significant work against other priorities under the WIP and decide when it can be actioned.