About Accessibility

Web accessibility is an inclusive practice that identifies and removes barriers that may be preventing users from accessing or interacting with CSU websites, CSU applications and online content. While the focus is mainly on users with a visual, hearing, motor or cognitive impairment, accessibility ultimately benefits ALL users.

Accessibility Compliance

WCAG 2.0 is an internationally accepted specification for Accessibility compliance that is maintained by the Web Accessibility Initiative. This is a key step in making your website, application or content accessible and has four guiding principles, that it must be:

  1. Perceivable – can the website be perceived in different ways (not just by sight)?
  2. Operable – can users operate and interact using different tools and methods (not just by mouse)?
  3. Understandable – can users understand the site content and interface?
  4. Robust – Is your site flexible to operate in different environments and platforms?

WCAG 2.0 has three levels of compliance A, AA and AAA.

CSU is targeting a AA compliance for all websites and content (including media and PDF).

Starting with Level A is a great way to make progress and begin helping out your users. Level AA targets the most problematic issues for users and will be a little more difficult to achieve if you have media content on your website.

CSU Accessibility Improvement Program

The majority websites within the CSU web environment are indexed by a site governance tool called SiteImprove. This tool tracks and reports on the accessibility of sites on a weekly basis and is essential for general site monitoring and maintenance.

All sites should have a full audit conducted at least once a year. An audit will outline the issues with the site, suggestions for solutions and an indicative number/rank of its accessibility status. The report may also include information on other accessibility considerations that may affect your site.

Note: All new CSU websites and online developments are required to have an accessibility audit completed prior to launch.