Captions in YouTube

Getting Started

Upload your video to YouTube and access the Video Manager screen. Next to your video is a drop down - select 'Subtitles and CC'.Select Subtitles and CC from the dialog in the Video Manager

You may be required to select a video language. Select the preferred language and 'Set Language'Set video language

Select the option to add new subtitles or CC and choose an appropriate language.

There are three methods available to add subtitles or closed captions:

  1. Upload a File
  2. Transcribe and set timings
  3. Create new subtitles or CC

Upload a File

Upload a text transcript or timed subtitles file. YouTube has clear instructions on creating subtitle files to upload.

This method requires you to have a full copy of your time-coded transcript to upload.

Transcribe and set timings

Type or paste in a full transcript of the video and subtitle timings will be set automatically. The video will be displayed to the side of the screen with an empty text area for you to type your caption dialogue to the other.

The 'Actions' dialog lets you delete the subtitles, download the file for off-site editing or storage and to upload a caption file.Add caption text

  • Enter content into the transcript area
    • Copy and paste text, or
    • Type while video is playing
  • When you are finished select 'Set Timings'. Depending on the length and clarity of your video this may take some time to process. Your time-stamped captions text will appear listed beside the video.
    Transcribed and time-coded captions
  • It is a good idea to download a backup copy of your time-synched file at this point in case you need to start over.
  • Review the text and timings.
    • Adjust text and timings by selecting the relevant fields in the listing to the site of the video.
    • Add or remove sections to the transcript
    • Selecting the text will move the video to the relevant location
  • Adjustments can also be made using the 'Transcribe and Sync' editor under the video. Select the bars at either end of a dialog box and adjust from left to right as necessary.
    Adjusting text and timing
  • When you have reviewed and finalised your captions, select 'Publish'. A listing of published caption tracks is displayed next to the video.
  • The captions file can be accessed at any time for further editing or downloading.

Create new subtitles or CC

Create subtitles and closed captions by typing them in as you watch the video. This option will display the text as a caption over the video and in the 'Transcribe & Sync' editor underneath as you type. Adjustments to text and timing can be made as the video progresses.

This option is more suited to users with some experience in creating captions as it progresses quite quickly.

Adding captions as the video progresses