iFrames and Embedded Objects

It can be useful to display one website within another page using an inline frame rather than providing a general link.

A 'title' attribute on an iFrame is used to clarify the user's current location. It is not an equivalent to 'name' which is for scripting and window targeting and never presented to the page user.

Avoid including any presentational attributes such as height, width or borders - apply these via CSS.

iFrames should also include and alternative link to the destination page.

iFrame Example

iFrame Code Example

<iframe src="#" id="exampleiframe" name="exampleiframe" title="Example Website">
<a href="#">Example Website</a>

Google Maps

By default Google Maps are NOT keyboard accessible.

Make sure important information such as text based directions or destination addresses are available as text on the page.

Google Maps are usually embedded using an iFrame that will require a title attribute.

Read the Guideline

  • Checklist


    Key things to remember

    • Title attribute describing the iFrame contents
    • Alternative link to destination page
    • Location address from Google Maps available on the page in text