Jargon and Foreign Languages

Provide definitions for abbreviations

Initials and abbreviations should use appropriate tags so that expansions or definitions are available to users.


Use an <abbr> tag to expand abbreviations.

<abbr title="Queensland">Qld</abbr>


Use an <acronym> tag to expand acronyms

<acronym title="Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme">ITAS</acronym> 

Foreign Language Text

If you have any foreign language content on your page you need to indicate what it is so that assistive technologies can deliver it correctly.

<p lang="it">Ciao, come stai oggi</p>

Contact the Web Team if you need assistance changing the language for your content.

Language Tools in Edit+

The Language tools within the Edit+ editor allows you to insert an acronym, abbreviation or identify foreign language text within your content.

Language Tools in Edit+ CMS Editor

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    Key things to remember

    • Define abbreviations
    • Define acronyms
    • Provide language definitions
    • Avoid jargon