Links and Link Text

Link Text

Link text needs to be descriptive and indicate to the user where the link will take them. It is also used by browsers to create bookmarks and by some assistive technologies to create an index of the page.

You may need to adjust your content to provide suitable link titles.

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Avoid using URLs as link titles if possible as these are read by screen readers and may not be easily understandable.

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Opening links in a new window

It is best practice for links to open in the same window.

It is common practice to open links to external content in a new window, but this:

  • disrupts user progress through the content
  • can be confusing for some people with cognitive impairment
  • decreases speed for Screen Reader browsing
  • will not keep users on your site

Only open links in a new tab or window if:

  • There is a technical requirement for a new window eg. maintaining a secure session
  • It is usual browser behaviour for that type of content eg. accessing a PDF file
  • A new window may enhance the User experience by providing content in a new window eg. additional information for completing an online form.
  • You indicate what will happen to the user in text

New Window Link Examples

Use of additional text: Visit this Really Great Site (opens in a new window)

<a href="#" target="_blank">Visit this Really Great Site (opens in a new window)</a>

Use of ARIA labelling: Visit this Really Great Site

<a href="#" target="_blank" 
aria-label="Visit the site - link opens in a new window">Visit this Really Great Site</a>

Read the Guideline

  • Checklist


    Key things to remember

    • Link text is descriptive
    • Link opens in a new window
    • Links with the same title go to the same destination