Dynamic & Moving Content

Carousels and Slideshows

Carousels are a popular way to provide images and interest to a page.

  • Ensure that slides display for enough time for users to read and act on the content
  • Controls to stop and start the slideshow must always be available
  • All controls must be and accessible via keyboard navigation
  • Provide suitable alt tags for controls if they are images
  • Text should be provided as an overlay and not embedded in the image to ensure it can be accessed by assistive technologies

Hidden or Sliding Content

Often content is hidden behind expandable tabs or sections. This can be useful to condense large amounts of content onto a single page or to conceal supportive information that is useful but not immediately required.

Avoid nesting sliding content lists within each other as the lower levels may not be readily found by assistive technologies or may be read out of context.

Key Considerations

  • Some expand/collapse functions make it impossible for search results to link directly to content
  • It can be difficult to link to an exact piece of content
  • The user may skim a page for keywords and not see them as they are not visible without clicking
  • The user may not recognise that items can be expanded and think the information is not available

Google Maps

Make sure important information such as text based directions or destination addresses are available as text on the page.

Google Maps are usually embedded using an iFrame that will require a title attribute.

Blinking or Flashing Content

Blinking or flashing content can cause seizures. No content should flash more than three times in any second. It is best if you avoid including any flashing content on your websites.

Read the Guideline

  • Checklist



    • Controls available
    • Keyboard access to controls
    • Text as overlay

    Sliding/Accordion Content

    • Avoid nesting
    • Consider using multiple pages instead
    • One instance per page

    Blinking Content

    • No more than three times per second
    • Avoid if possible