Non-Distinguishable Links

Key Points to Consider

Links that have the same text must go to the same destination as Users may not be able to recognise the difference if it is not explained. Links with different titles but the same destination are not an issue.

This impacts on:

  • Link Titles
  • Page Long and Short Names

Important Note: There is an exception if the text preceding the link provides context. For example a News item may have a brief description of the article followed by a link to 'Read More' within the same container tag.

If you have repetitive link titles on your page, consider including a title attribute on the link to help distinguish between each instance. The screen sample below shows the Links dialogue from Edit+ with the title attribute highlighted. Remember to update the title attribute appropriately if the links change.

Screen Sample of Edit+ showing the Title field on the Insert Links Dialog

Conflict with CSU templates

Keep in mind that CSU page templates already include many links that are commonly used on sites, for example:

  • About
  • Contacts
  • Orientation
  • News
  • How to Apply

The use of these link titles on your own area of the site may conflict with the template. Consider adding a qualifier to help distinguish links specific to your site for example:

  • About the Centre
  • Contact the Centre
  • Orientation Sessions
  • Centre News
  • Apply to the Centre

Read the Guideline

  • Checklist


    Key things to remember

    • Page has unique and relevant page title
    • Page path (URL) is meaningful
    • Page has unique description
    • The path uses dashes for spaces not underscores