Page Titles

Page titles are used to identify the subject of the page. They are essential to identify the page and its subject to assistive technologies. Browsers use them to display your page and identify bookmarks. Search engines also rely on page titles to rank and return results.

When a page asset is created in the CMS (Content Management System) the name used forms the title and part of the web address so it must be meaningful and user friendly.

Page Title and URLs in the CMS

Edit page titles in Edit+

Adjust your page titles via the Details screen in Edit+

Editing page titles in Edit+ Editor

  • Page Name: Used for the page title and main heading of your page
  • Page Short Name: Used for navigation and breadcrumbs throughout the site

Important Note: A page name must be unique in a site.

Edit URLs in Edit+

Check the URLS for your pages via the URLs screen in Edit+

Editing web paths in Edit+ Editor

Important Note: If a page has been published, changing its path will break advertised URLs. Contact your Coordinator or the Web team for advice before proceeding.

The convention at CSU is for spaces in URLs to be indicated by a dash ("-") NOT an underscore ("_")

URL Readability

Is the URL meaningful?


Is the URL readable?


Read the Guideline

  • Checklist


    Key things to remember

    • Page has unique and relevant page title
    • Page path (URL) is meaningful
    • Page has unique description
    • The path uses dashes for spaces not underscores