PDF Website Content

PDF Documents for printing

One of the common uses for PDF documents is to provide a formatted version of web page content for printing purposes. Most areas of the CSU website should print adequately directly from a browser so consider if you really need to duplicate your content to a separate file.

Accessible PDF Documents

Any PDF content used on your site must be accessible.

Key considerations include:

  • The file must be text, not a scanned image
  • Document Properties and Tagging are included
  • Page layout - avoid multiple column layouts
  • Use structured layout and styles
  • Include linked table of contents for long files
  • Avoid decorative images

File names for PDF Documents

Once loaded into the website, changes to the filename of your PDF will result in a new URL for the document. It is important to keep the same filename when uploading an updated file to the system.

Instead of using time relevant or specific names

Training Brochure-UPDATED.pdf
Important Dates-v3 2015.pdf

use readable/friendly file names that can be reused

Training Brochure.pdf
Important Dates.pdf
  • Checklist

    • Could the content be in a webpage?
    • Is the PDF accessible?
    • Have you used a consistent, filename?