Sensory Content

Key Points to Consider

Some impairments limit the ability of users to perceive or understand content that relies on sensory characteristics. This includes

  • Direction
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Orientation

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Terms such 'Above' and 'Below' are permitted if they maintain the content reading order.

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Important Note: Responsive webpage templates result in different layouts depending viewing device (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Be aware content that is on one part of a screen in a desktop view may be moved to another area or potentially hidden in a tablet or mobile version. Directions such as left or right may lose context depending on which device is being used.


Not all users can perceive location such as left or right and it is necessary to supplement instructions with additional text.

Symbols and Shapes

Not all users can perceive shape correctly or may be accessing your content using assistive technology that may not understand the distinction. Shapes need to be defined with another characteristic such as text or colour.

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Symbols and special characters are not always read correctly by screen readers. If using images, ensure they have a suitable 'alt' text.

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Flashing Content

Avoid flashing or blinking content. If it is required, it must not flash more than 3 times in a second. You should also include controls to enable users to turn it off.

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    Key things to remember

    • Define location with extra information
    • Refer page landmarks such as headings to help users find specific content on the page
    • Define shapes with extra information
    • Avoid flashing content