A transcript is a text version of the spoken content of a video or audio file for access by screen readers users. It contains

  • Who is speaking
  • Text of spoken word
  • Key sound effects
  • Other information

Transcripts are also useful for:

  • Improving comprehension
  • Understanding poor audio or difficult accents
  • Searching content
  • Ensuring content is always available if media files cannot be accessed
  • Providing access to open captions if closed caption content is not available or required (eg video with no spoken content)

Transcripts can be provided as a linked webpage associated with the video or audio content. It is NOT accessible to have a linked PDF or Word file.

Transcript Creation

  • Type up the content yourself
  • Use transcription software
  • Transcription or Captioning Service Providers

Transcript Implementation

Adding as separate web page

A transcript is often added as link directly associated with the relevant video content.

Adding as hidden content

A transcript can be included as hidden or sliding content near the relevant video content.

Third Party Content

Any content you use, even if it is published by someone else must be accessible. You may need to:

  • Contact content owner and request captions and transcripts
  • Create your own captions and transcripts
  • Find alternative accessible content
  • Checklist


    Key things to include

    • Who is speaking
    • Text of spoken word
    • Key sound effects
    • Other useful information
  • Tools

  • Examples