Mission, principles and vision


Supporting the University Strategy, we are working together to make a better web for CSU



  1. We prioritise the information, functionality and design based upon user needs
  2. We encourage self-service and user discovery through the use of simple, intuitive interfaces
  3. We seek to maximise accessibility for all users
  4. We desire to inspire, and seek to deliver delightful experiences


  • We represent CSU's identity, ethos, and values in our web environment
  • We use consistent, standardised design and functionality, including common global components
  • We consider the needs and interests of all the relevant stakeholders

Easy to do business with

  • We employ collaborative, coordinated, service-orientated work practices
  • We have broad and deep expertise in all aspects of web design, development and delivery
  • We deliver fit-for-purpose, creative and high-quality solutions to technical problems


By the end of 2020, we will have a well-defined and unified CSU web environment that provides a better end-to-end experience for our users. We will demonstrate this by:

  • introducing a global information architecture, including common header and footer components across all key sites
  • implementing a CSU Design System that defines consistent user interface design and interaction patterns
  • providing a robust and effective training and support model, including the provision of appropriate resources, to enable web editors to continuously improve their own CSU websites under the governance of the Web Office
  • delivering significant redevelopment projects for prospective and current students, staff, alumni and community audiences
  • improving our website ratings, rankings and performance e.g. user feedback, GlobalReviews rankings, web analytics data and accessibility compliance.