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Tuesday Program

Tuesday 17 March - Workshops (TBA)

Wednesday Program


Wednesday 18 March 2020

08:30 Registrations
09:00 Welcome by the Conference Conveners
Dr Anthony Rees
A/Prof Mehmet Ozalp
09:15 Keynote Addresses
Prof Mona Siddiqui (The University of Edinburgh, UK)
Rethinking Hospitality: food, friendship and faith
10:30Morning Tea

Session 1

Zuleyha Keskin, Charles Sturt University, Belief in God and Inner Peace: Said Nursi’s Perspective

Richard Davis, Pacific Theological College, Jacques Ellul on Obstacles to True Peace and How to Overcome Them

Paul Martens, Baylor University, Slow Violence and the Future of Inter-Religious Peace

12:30Lunch Break

Session 2

Clive Pearson, Charles Sturt University, Re-framing A Common Word Between Us

Mehmet Ozalp, Charles Sturt University, Qur’anic Basis for Climate Change and Anthropocene

Deborah Guess, University of Divinity, The Sabbath Principle as a Path to Ecological Peace

15:00 Afternoon Tea Break

Session 3

Suleyman Sertkaya, Charles Sturt University, Application of the word ‘Peace’ (Salam) in the Qur'anic Vocabulary and Critical Investigation of its Intended Implications

Emmanuel Nathan, Australian Catholic University, Neither New Moon nor Sabbath: Parsing the Shunammite woman’s “shalom”

Tyler Atkinson, Bethany College, ‘We Gon’ Be Alright’: Inner Religious Peace and Exterior Social Struggle in the Work of Kendrick Lamar and Q-Tip”

17:00 Day-1 Ends

Thursday Program

  Thursday 19 March 2020
09:00 Welcome to Day-2
09:15 Keynote Addresses
Dr Joshua Ralston (The University of Edinburgh, UK)
Refugees and Religious Diversity: Making Peace in Migratory World
10:30 Morning Tea

Session 4

Salih Yucel, Charles Sturt University, What is the role of qalbi salim, the sound heart for peace?

Ian Robinson, Charles Sturt University, Conversion Constantly Reconsidered

Hakan Coruh and Abdul Hadi Shah Idil, Charles Sturt University, Treating Psychological Maladies [Greed (Hirs), Sloth (Batalah) and Grief (Huzn)] Originating From Soul’s Power of Animal Appetites in Islamic Philosophy of Ethics, From Ibn Miskawayh to  Tashkoprizade

12:30Lunch break

Session 5

Liam Miller, Uniting Church in Australia, They Say ‘Peace, Peace' When There Is No Peace’: A Christian Response to the Neoliberal Appropriation of Mindfulness

Geoff Broughton, Charles Sturt University, “A bit of peace and quiet”: Disturbing the peace in Acts 14-17 and disputing the past in Australia’s history of Aboriginal massacres

Mir Sedeq Ansari, Charles Sturt University, TBC

15:00Afternoon Tea Break

Session 6

Rebecca Lindsay, Flinders University, Peace at home : The strange encounter of Ruth 1 and the Revised Preamble of the Constitution of the Uniting Church in Australia

Ruby Quantson Davis, Kettering Foundation, Gyae Mma Enka: Christian Peace or Latent Violence?

TBC (Moiba)

17:00 Day-2 Ends

Friday Program

  Friday 20 March 2020

Nurwanto, Western Sydney University, 'Do we need the teaching of wars?' A curriculum debate in contemporary Indonesia

Mehrnosh, Western Sydney University, Islamic leadership and Social Cohesion

Marie-Louise Craig, Charles Sturt University, Them and Us: An exploration of inclusiveness and exclusiveness in the Hebrew Bible

10:30 Morning Tea

Mahsheed Ansari, Charles Sturt University, The Honorary Buddhist - Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad: An analysis of peace-building initiatives and interfaith work of a pioneering Muslim Australian

Geoff Dorman, The Uniting Church in Australia, A Practitioner of Peace: Ignacio Ellacuria, Martyr

Jane Foulcher, Charles Sturt University, A School of Peace: Christophe Lebreton’s Tibhirine Journal

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