Charles Sturt University
PACT - Public and Contextual Theology

Research Streams

To provide a coherent research agenda and small groups in which our members collaborate, PACT operates three Research Streams, which are summarised below.  All PACT members join and support the activities of one of our Research Streams and there is also significant inter-Stream collaboration.

Religion and Society

  • Critically exploring the place of religion in Australia, including indigenous spirituality, the impact of European mission activity, and religious social service and education agencies
  • Examining how societies and cultures inform sacred texts, religious ethics, the practice of theology, as well as how context informs and transforms religious traditions
  • Examining the contribution of religions and their theological traditions to social justice, indigenous reconciliation, a civil society and the public good.

Religion & Society Research Stream Leader: Dr Jane Foulcher (

Interreligious Collaboration

  • Critically exploring and comparing the intellectual foundations of inter-religious relations
  • Examining theological foundations behind religiously implicated acts of bigotry, intolerance, violence and extremism
  • Contributing to debate and research within the academy and society about interreligious harmony, dialogue and social well-being.

Interreligious Research Stream Leader: A/Prof Salih Yucel (

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

  • Theological research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries
  • Theology and ethics examining humanity's threat to the environment, faith and climate change, science and religion, economics and religion
  • Scholarly and spiritual insight into what constitutes a 'good life', what it means to be human and what constitutes a civil society.