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Congratulations to PaCT scholar Dr Jione Havea on the publication of his edited book of essays titled MEDIAting Theology published by Evangelische Verlagsanstalt. According to the publisher:

This collection engages the challenges and opportunities for doing theology in the context or age of media. The intersection of media with theology is reciprocating: media boosts theology in its functions to inform, connect and educate; theology humbles the globalizing media with a reminder – media is in mediation but not in domination. Media and theology thus intersect at mediating (negotiating, interceding, resisting, protesting) and they should avoid the temptation to colonize.

The essays are presented in two overlapping clusters: Mediascapes (intersection of media and a selection of land- and sea-scapes) and Mediations (implications of mediating theology for interrogating hegemonies). The topics addressed include social media and #tag cultures, the fourth industrial revolution and artificial intelligence, homiletics, social resistance, Palestine, Latin America, climate change, and Covid-19.

Below is a list of the table of contents.



1.     Mediating the real: A native take - Jione Havea

Media landscapes

2.     Religion and Media in a Digitally Polarized World - Miguel M. Algranti

3.     Politics, Media and Religion: Activism, Resistance, and Protestant groups in Brazil - Magali do Nascimento Cunha

4.     Displaced Persons and Refugees in a #JESUIScentric World: The Argentinian Landscape - Fernando Martin Chinnici

5.     Changing Perspectives in the Caribbean: Can’t We All Just Get Along? - Marsha Nathalee Martin

6.     When Pulpit as Media Fails: The Kiribati Seascape - Tioti Timon

Mediating hegemonies

7.     Talking Back to Hegemonic Constructed Lies - Anthony G. Reddie

8.     Human Identity and Relationships in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Missiological Critique - Roderick Hewitt

9.     Plasticity and Capitalist Neoliberal Subjectivity: A Theological Critique - Zachary Thomas Settle

10.  The Palestinians, Israel and the Bible: The Software that Fuels the Occupation - Mitri Raheb

11.  The Colonial Oppressiveness of the Biblical Concept of Hospitality - Miguel A. De La Torre