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Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation



The Weed Research Group aims to be the Australian centre for excellence for weed management solutions through innovative weed science and information delivery in irrigated and dryland agricultural systems, including mixed farm enterprises, continuous cropping, permanent pastures, rangeland, non-agricultural lands and natural ecosystems with specific goals (in line with regional, state and national research priorities).


The mission for the Weed Research Group is to:

  • Enhance our basic understanding of the biology, ecology and lifecycle of key invasive weed species of significance to our region, Australia and the world.
  • Develop innovative chemical and non-chemical technologies (eg. allelopathy, bio-control, competition) through research supported by key partners.
  • Reduce reliance on herbicides, the risk of herbicide resistance occurring in weeds and reduce herbicide damage to crops.
  • Maximise herbicide performance and sustainability through improved efficacy, improved application technology, adjuvants and understanding of herbicide residues in soils.
  • Develop environmentally sustainable and profitable integrated weed management systems in cropping, horticulture, pasture and natural ecosystems within the agricultural landscape.
  • Develop research capacity through staff and student training.
  • Develop strong collaborative partnerships with other centres of excellence, stakeholders and land managers, both nationally and internationally.
  • Disseminate output through high quality national and international journals and conferences, training and extension resources, seminars and field days.
  • Benchmark outputs and outcomes (ie. adoption).

Core Strategies

Core strategies are the means to achieve our vision and mission.


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