Charles Sturt University
Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation


The Plant Interactions Research Group represents a wide range of research fields and interests but a common factor is our interest in plants and how they interact with other plants, microbes, insects, and livestock.

Our diversity allows for a holistic approach to research to understand how plants interact with other organisms. This includes the interactions other plants, animals that feed on plants - both invertebrates and livestock, and microbes.

We’re also interested in the effects of changing climate and climatic extremes due to the influence on crop and livestock productivity.  Invasive species is another research area with special importance to Australia because of its geographic isolation and potential for new pests and weeds to be introduced as a result of trade globalisation.

Our group is made up of lecturers, full-time researchers, Post-doctoral researchers, Higher Degree by Research and Honours students, as well as technical staff at Charles Sturt University, NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), CSIRO, and the Australian National University (ANU).  Funding comes from a diverse portfolio of sources including federal research programs, agricultural commodity groups and private industry.